The best Clonk-related YT channel by far

You don’t have to thank me. :birthday: kugeln, mein clonkens! der hooray!

Your own one? I don't think that kind of music suits the Clonk Trailer.

what mate? mein nein speaken gut eng, mein wise musclen swollen, mein only speaken germanen

you say – musicen fitten gutten, ja?

ja! :birthday:

have gut brentwursten, ja, bier, then !! lets make gut clonk video together fri4nden

omg !!



party guys time real man PARTY :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: NEW VID

Ja Ja, is very gut! Need mehr videos, ja, fitten gut ja.

The Background/Header is genius! :'D

Nice Backround :smiley:
The fat CJ is the best xD

i might have overheard someplace that some HUGESTY HUGE CHANGES are coming to our beloved channel in the uncertainly near future… WHAT COULD THOSE BE???

p.s. ich bin schnell to krap mein bedlinen

ich bin ein berliner :wink: