Online and Local ??

When I forwarded my ports then my friend can't join to my host from the LAN.
I dont know why. I have static Ip address also.

You can test your forwarding with this site:

By default, Clonk Rage uses port 11112 TCP and port 11113 UDP for game connections. For directly joining an IP address (without internet server) port 11111 TCP is required incoming on the host.

That's not his problem though. Presumably, after forwarding he cannot be reached from the inside.

Everybody from the internet probably can join. Just computers from the LAN can't join. ;/

Ugh I guess I misunderstood his problem then.

Then you might want to check your firewall settings. I assume that you set your windows(?)-firewall to only allow "Public Networks".

I have a linux (Ubuntu) :D.

I'm trying with ufw then i will write progress here.

This site says, port 80 is closed :shocked: Ports 11112 and 11113 are closed, too, but I think they aren't.
My IP adress can't be located and the trace leads from the USA to Austria, the Netherlands, back to Austria and then gets lost in the unknown.

Same for me.