New league: ClonkMars


We’ve been busy creating a big update for ClonkMars!
All ClonkMars scenario can now be played in the league! :birthday:

Download 1.5

Cool! Very nice trailer as well.

Would be nice to have a list here in the first post with the scenarios, their points and the maximum number of players to play with.

The list of scenarios with the points is provided by the [league](

And the maximum number of players?

All scenarios can be accomplished by 12 players.

…although most scenarios probably shouldn't be played with more than 4 players as all buildings have a limit on the number of Clonks they can contain.

So what do I do when I send up my capsule with the antenna? Seems to be quite a killing move…

Not sure what you mean. After the initial landing, capsules are used for buying (and selling) things from the base. When one of these capsules is destroyed, you can't buy anything for a few minutes.

Destroying the initial capsule has no consequences other than having all starting material scattered around.

I landed the capsule, took materials from it to build the base and then left the "flag" inside the capsule and send it back up again. Then I found no way to get the capsule back down again.

Yeah, ahppened to me too (well, Kanibal sent it home D:).

Fortunately, we still had his dish so all was fine. Teamplay ftw!

"Houston, I think the intern messed up the mission again"

Another question: How do I recycle these buildings in Tithonium Chasma?

In the context menu there should be an entry "Unbuild" or something like that.

You'll obviously have to remove all the lava. The new "lava to energy" upgrade helps a lot with that.

Are you going to improve Eos Chaos, that is just starting with as many players as possible and then just moving the capsule back up again, or? And maybe mine a few crystals per capsule.

I filed an issue, but there’s no schedule for the next update yet.

Thanks, I could have filed an issue myself. Next time I'll do it on github directly.

Oh well. Thanks for pointing it out!