Masterserver for Clonk Rage

Hi. I consider Clonk (series) as one of best games ever created, but I play it quite rarely.
So my problem is that I can't connect to official master server in CR. I found out that official forums are closed, but I can't find any information about masterserver closure.
Is it closed or just a temp problem?

What version of CR are you using? The masterserver address was changed in [330] if I remember correctly. If updating didn’t work you can set the masterserver manually unter Options -> Network -> Use other masterserver. The new address is (You can test whether the masterserver is running by clicking on that link). The update on the masterserver was mentioned on here at some point (however I’m not quite sure how to get to the Englisch blog posts).

We do not actually have an English blog :sad:

It's something we wanted for some time, but it's a lot of work. We should probably add a note to the main page about the new master server for other people who missed the switch.

I think it's necessary to specify the port number in the settings, so it's

Thank you. My version of CR is lower than mentioned one. But game fails to auto update. Should I update it manually?

You can install CR new in your Clonk Rage directory.

Yes, the update server doesn’t exist anymore. Download the installer from []( and install it in the same directory as your old installation.

>It's something we wanted for some time, but it's a lot of work.

A lot of work as in translating all the old posts or implement a way to switch between English and German posts?

Both, in fact. Wordpress doesn't have any support for translated posts per default and the available plugins are all a bit hacky or lack important features.

Translating old posts isn't something we'd need to rush, as only few posts are still interesting to read today. But we'd obviously want to release new posts simultaneously in both languages then.

I just played around a bit with the Polylang plugin in my test environment and it worked decently, but I guess you have way more experience regarding Wordpress than me :grin:
Is translating new posts really such a time-critical task for a blog that updates maybe once every three or four week on average? I don't think anyone would really mind if the translated version is published one or two days after the original one.

Thank you all. Now everything works flawlessly.

As a bonus, you can now play league games with your forum account credentials.

Yes, please add the master server address on a prominent spot! When I was looking for the master server address, I expected to find it by clicking on "Liga" on clonkspot's main page.