Live games list

Just in time before this year’s end we were able to check off another item on the list of our [2014 resolutions]( We didn’t plan hosting the main CR league back then, but it made a neat implementation possible.

In our main navigation bar on the top, the league entry has been replaced by a new server list which is intended to encourage “spontaneous clonking”. It refreshes automatically and thus always shows all games that are currently open or running. A single click on any game launches Clonk and joins the selected server. [Here’s a screenshot in case there are currently no servers.](

We’re interested in your thoughts so please post feedback and feature requests!

In case you’re missing the old league, it’s still available via the link in the footer at the bottom of all Clonkspot pages.

Looks good, we need something like that for OC as well!

Edit: What is the wifi symbol for?


We've actually planned to show OC games on the same page as well. This would need changes to the OC league though, so we'll have to see.

The list updates live using the EventSource API. The WiFi symbol means that you're connected, a plug means no connection. This is also shown on hover.

What is supposed to happen when you click on a game?

Here on ubuntu 14.04 I get a not understood address.

Clonk is supposed to start, I guess.

That should work as long as Clonk has registered the clonk:// protocol for itself. I have no idea how you configure that on Ubuntu, though

Protocol registration doesn't work on current versions of Windows anyway I think.

I'm on Windows 8.1 and everything works fine, without any manual work.