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Legacy Clonk on Steam Deck as a flatpak

Hi all. Long time Clonk player here. Got really excited when I saw that Legacy Clonk is still being maintained! Fabulous job everyone involved. :slight_smile:

I have created this quite hacky flatpak definition for Legacy Clonk which can be found here.

It puts all the game files under the $XDG_DATA_HOME directory before running it. That was needed because Legacy Clonk expects the directory, where the executable is, to be writable.

This is currently proof of concept, but I was able to run it on a Steam Deck!

My flatpak foo is not the best, so any suggestions welcome! Also it will be possible to clean it up considerably, if content directories are separated from the main game.


nice thing. Does it run without lags? :slight_smile: