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Legacy Clonk Docker image

Heyo Clonk enthusiasts,

today I present you a Legacy Clonk Docker image.
The image can be downloaded here and you can find the source on github.com.

The image can of course be fed command line arguments. Take this example of how to run the image:

docker run -p 11111:11111/tcp -p 11112:11112/tcp -p 11113:11113/udp -p 11114:11114/tcp --rm -it --name legacyclonk -v c:/data:/home/legacyclonk/data creepycrez/legacyclonk:337 /console /config:config /signup /lobby noplayer.c4p Races.c4f/Wipfrace.c4s

This specific config location (/config:config) is important and should always be supplied unless you would like to provide an alternate config file.
You can mount /home/legacyclonk/data to an empty folder on your host system. It will then be filled with the definitions and scenario folders of the base game. After it has been filled you may add your own scenarios.

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