Kind of leagues

In my opinion should be added Settlement league and eventually for test Open Clonk League.
Certainly everything on clonkspot liga :D. It also should be choose certain scenarios for these leagues.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, we’ll probably add a settlement league after the league has been shut down. I want to make sure everything works fine step for step.

The OpenClonk league will live at

Settlement league doesn't work on
Leastways for me.

Ah, because of the recent update. That makes some sense, the league file-checks should change with the updates automatically, that would be rather neat.

We have the scripts to do that. But I think they need to be run manually.

It's something we will probably revive and add directly to the release script for the OC league.

Immediately you have to add another leagues like mage liga, because most matches of this liga are FF matches but shouldn't.
XD Or you should add new league : Floot Fight League …