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I don't want to say goodbye to this game

Is this game dying? Why are community sites dissapearing from clonk.de site? I’m worried that soon I won’t be able to play this game as all the servers will be shut down…

They won’t, don’t worry, the servers have been running here on Clonkspot for years now. No idea why clonk.de gutted the other links though…

Probably because the old websites are now used by others for other purposes unrelated to clonk.

clonkspot.org isn’t.

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You are right. Clonkspot is missing, but OpenClonk is still there.

No need to worry about the game servers. If @luchs finds out how amazing the bahamas are, someone else will be found to run the masterserver and the forum. we also have a discord server.

I think the first „Clonk dies“-post was in the pre-2000 Forum. It’s the natural state of this game and community.

I’ve just checked my post history on this forum. I*ve been doing this „Clonk has been dieing for X years by now“-thing for 5+ years now.

Saying clonk dies is the same saying classic music is dieing :grin:

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Doesn’t it?