How do I activate mods?

Wie kann ich Mods aktivieren, so dass sie im Spiel erscheinen? Ich lud viele mods, konnten sie in Clonk-Editor, aber ich weiß nicht, wo, um Elemente aus Mods zu bekommen. Kann mir jemand helfen? (I used google translator, if you need english version, i will provide it)

We have an English help board as well. There’s not as much activity there because the Clonk community is predominantly German, but you’ll get an answer there just as fast.

Most bigger mods contain both an object file (file ending .c4d) and scenario files (.c4s or contained in a .c4f folder). In the Editor, you’ll see the object files below the scenario files. In the standard game UI, only scenarios are shown.

I’m not sure what you want to achieve. If you just want to play some mods, you’ll have to extract all files from the mod into your Clonk directory (note that this will work best if you install Clonk somewhere outside of C:\Program Files as Clonk Rage wasn’t built with the Windows 7 access restrictions in mind). The scenario files should then appear somewhere in the list ingame.

If you want to create your own scenario with third-party object files, you have two options: For smaller objects it’s usually best to just copy them into the scenario (drag and drop in the Editor). This is mainly used for stuff like scenario-specific decoration. If you want to include bigger packs, you’ll have to edit the Scenario.txt with a text editor to add it to the Definitions section. Here’s an example. Objects.c4d should always be the first one, you can then reference anything else.