Hi everyone!
Played Clonk A LOT back in the 2000's with my friends in hotseat, recently remembered how beautiful this game is and decided I wanna try to play it again.
Is there any chance for an English speaker to still enjoy the game in multiplayer?

In fact, I just moved to Bremen to start my studies at the Max Planck here, so I am interested in learning German as well, so maybe you guys could be a good chance for me to learn too? : )

Anyway, cheers everyone and let me know if it's cool if I join you sometimes!


Hi Irrussional,

We got a Discord Channel where we mostly speak english maybe you want to check it out: https://discord.gg/km58ETK

If you want to play some casual rounds i suggest you look into the Games Tab on the top left on Clonkspot:  https://clonkspot.org/games
Most Clonkers play on the late evening.
There is also the new Title Openclonk you could try out.       https://www.openclonk.org/


Amazing! Thanks a lot for the input, I'll definitely jump on discord one of these evenings

So does everyone play openclonk now? should I see it as the main clonk multiplayer platform, or people are playing both it and Clonk Rage?


Some People play Clonk Rage and some Openclonk. If you want to play Openclonk online i suggest playing on the weekend there are the most people online that play.

seems unwise to divide an already small community between two platforms… What are the advantages of openclonk?

-More support for the English language
-Newer Graphics
-The controlls are easier to learn for new players
-Openclonk will be further developed and there will be more content that is created
-the standard setting is different (Steampunk,Modern)
-bigger focus on the mouse