German Laddergame-Translation


The ladder game is a german Clonk Tournament that is played at the moment. You can join any time you want, even after it has started. The idea is like this: There is ranking (ladder), and you can challenge the players right before your place. They have to accept, and your aim is to climb to the top step by step.

1. You can challenge the 4 players in front of you in the ranking.
2. If in a match the lower ranked player wins, the places are swaped. If the higher ranked player wins, the lower ranked player looses one place.
3. Challenges have to be accepted, the challenged one has 3 days to answer the challenge. The game has to be played till one week after the challenge.
4. The challenger picks 3 scenarios, one of which has to be accepted. (Details on scenario picking below).
5. The challenger has to propose two appointments, if the challenged can't make it he has to propose two new appointments.
6. You can only play one game at once, so if you challenge someone you can't challenge another, and you can't be challenged.
7. New players registering after the tournament start, start at the bottom of the ladder.
8. You have to post your challenge (with scenario), the acceptance and the result.

Scenario picking:
I want you to have, the most possibile flexibility playing your favorite scenarios - but they have to be none. If your opponent, and the organisation don't know the scenario your challenge can be declined.

Alright, you have to pick your scenarios from 3 different categories. So what's a category? All object packs, examples given: Eke, Hazard, Knights, Fantasy. I also accept certain goal types as individual categories, like races or base melees.
What's not intended is that you pick object packs which are closely related: A challenge containing CMC, Hazard and QuakeR can be declined, as well as a challenge containing M&M and knights. If there are more packs like this, it will be similar.

Also, I want to discourage playing the same scenarios over and over again. Therefore an additional rule: If you picked a scenario 3 times (in your challenge), you have starting from there, to add a fourth scenario from now on. Every 3 times you picked the same scenario again, another scenario has to added to your challenge. So for example: If you wished for 6 times Etagenkampf, and 3 times for Minor Melee. You now have to propose 5(!) scenarios in your challenge.


>I'm always challenged by the same players

You can declined a challenge from a player you just played.

>Can the first player challenge other players?

Yes, he is the only player which can challenge people behind him in the ranking. But if he loses his game he suffers the full consequences and the places are swapted.

If you want to join, tell me and I’ll sign you up. You can challenge other players in this thread.

Also there is a recommendation by Luchs: If you klick on his Link you should add your name to the watched words, so you won’t miss if someone challenges you.