Do I still need a key?

I noticed that some functions of c4group don't work without key file. But everything works with my key file (I registered Clonk Rage long time ago).
Is it possible to have all functionality without key file?

Hm, I thought Clonk Rage included a freeware .c4k, but that must've been Endeavour. For all intents and purposes you should be able to use c4group from OpenClonk though, I assume that's still fully compatible and doesn't need a key.

As far as I know Clonk Rage comes with a freeware key today since it was released as freeware and I think this one should work with c4group as well. But without a keyfile, I'm not that up to date on the CR version of c4group, so I also don't know if there has been a c4group version released that doesn't require a key at all anymore. I just know the OpenClonk version of c4group does not require a key, but that one might not work for CR files.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't have in mind that CR was patched to work without a key and doesn't have a key anymore. See my post above in reply to B_E.

Ah, you were right. The freeware version of CR didn't require a key anymore, not even a freeware key. Didn't have that in mind since I still have a key on my end.

Indeed. c4group from OpenClonk is compatible with CR. So is it safe to delete my key and forget about it?

Clonk Rage's c4group still requires a key, you'll have to wait for the next update to use it without key. As an alternative, as pointed out earlier, you can use OC's c4group.

I'd probably keep the key (if it's not just the freeware key), as you cannot get a new one. Who knows what you might need it for in the future…