CustomMessage: How to create a deco object definition?

Hello/Hallo, i need to create a deco for CustomMessage ( CustomMessage (string message, object obj, int plr, int offset_x, int offset_y, int color, id deco, string portrait, int flags); )
but i have no clue how does deco objects work.
I want to know how to create deco object definitions and how to make them show correctly.

deco should be the ID of a definition that is used to provide the graphics and metrics for the dialog frame. It should define in script:
FrameDecorationBorderTop, FrameDecorationBorderBottom, FrameDecorationBorderLeft, FrameDecorationBorderRight: Functions to return the border margins
FrameDecorationBackClr: RGBa value of solid background

The border graphics are defined as actions in the ActMap:
FrameDecoTopLeft, FrameDecoTopRight, FrameDecoBottomLeft, FrameDecoBottomRight: Corner elements
FrameDecoTop, FrameDecoBottom, FrameDecoLeft, FrameDecoRight: Bordeer elements
FrameDecoWall: Background element (not sure if that's actually implemented).

Btw: I'd suggest you just copy an existing deco object and adjust it. For example from S2Tower.c4s/S2TowerObj.c4d/Dlg.c3d/MenuDeco.c4d

I understood basic things to make a menu deco. Thank you. That works easier than i expected.