Copying a player from one computer to another


In Clonk Rage, I have a player who I have used for a while and have progressed through a number of missions. I want to copy this player over to a new computer. I tried copying over the myPlayerName.c4p file from the old computer to the new one, and that successfully transferred my player, experience, and crew, but it has not transferred over my mission progress. Is there a way to copy over mission progress or unlock all the missions so I can keep playing where I left off?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

The mission progress is saved in the global Clonk configuration (which is stored in the Registry on Windows). Each mission adds a password to the configuration which unlocks the next scenario. You can enter these passwords manually by pressing Alt-M while on the scenario list. The passwords are listed [here](

Edit: Here’s a translation:

Password        | Unlocked by           | Unlocks
SkullGone       | The Treasure          | Frontier
NewLand         | Frontier              | Rattlesnake Canyon
RattledOut      | Rattlesnake Canyon    | Funnel Valley
Fenella         | Funnel Valley         | Regeneration
BackToLife      | Regeneration          | Sky Village
Speckles        | Sky Village           | Pearl Diving
Glint           | Pearl Diving          | The Last Will
ReachedTheOcean | The Last Will         | Up High
TheClouds       | Up High               | Thunder Rock Mountain
ComeDown        | Thunder Rock Mountain | Submarine
Aquagold        | Submarine             | Deep Down
TheAbyss        | Deep Down             | Seven Keys

Oh this is absolutely wonderful!

Thank you so much. :slight_smile: