Comic Ideas

Rebel's mind:
Controlling a group of clonks and press jump. Every clonk except one jump right, the 'rebel' jumps left. I just know it from playing and it annoyed me. :smiley:

Take this:
One clonk is building a building and then there comes another one who asks for a construction kit. The clonk, building the building, throws a construction kit to him and the 'catcher' dies. Happened to me several times… :smiley:

What do you think about these two?

Haha, I totally love the first idea. :smiley: The second one may be a challenge to get right, but I think it has potential. Thank you!

Just in Time
A Clonk wants to collects a Shell from a lake. He swims down and takes it. And when he almost reached the water surface, the top layer of the lake freezes :slight_smile:

The topic "Just in Time" reminds me of the situation when you reach the base with a burning clonk at 1% health.

Usually you die while waiting for the door to open…

Also like the first one :slight_smile:

And welcome to the Forums :grin:


PS: gratulations for disabling the IMG tag

> gratulations for disabling the IMG tag

Additionally, I forgot to activate attachments (or I disabled it for some reason, I don't remember) for this board. Sorry about that, I've fixed it now.

A Zap have always been a nuisance :wink: therefore he deserves a comic!

Idea: A Clonk throws a zap nest to another clonk in a hole. The clonk is stung by the zaps and run away in a lake. After a little time he feel save and go out. But then come a zap from behind stings him and the clonk die. (In the last image the zap laughs?)

How can 2 pixels laught? :wink:

Just zoom in ;)?

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