Clonk so damn small, even I can't multiplaying w others. hlp

clickbait works.

I'm Abimanyu C_Putra, known as ClonkerAbi on those clonk's old days. (not that popular af)
Was very long time since the last time I play this game. And still as small as before.
seems offensive to veterans? sorry, just being honest here. Hope you guys could make it bigger, actually- this is potential game. really

well… enough introducing.
Unlike those old days, I not developing stuffs anymore atm. So, I came here for entertain purpose- playing ****s.
unfortunately, so hard playing this game with others on world wide. Every I starts/join a room, there's no players but me.
GMT+08.00 here, what's the best time to play this game online?

and, oh! what Clonk version you played on this day? any suggestion so I could play this game online ASAP?

It's either Clonk Rage or the newest OpenClonk development snapshot thats played. If you want to play, you should join the irc-channels #clonken for CR and #openclonk for OC (Server I believe) and just ask. There are many people idling who play when asked. The vast majority of players lives in GMT +02:00. (GMT+01:00 in winter), and at evenings there are usually people around.

Clonk Rage is played quite frequently as far as I noticed. OpenClonk is also played frequntly, but still has fewer players than CR I guess. OC is mostly played during evening and night hours in UTC+1/UTC+2 (approximately around 19:00 - 1:00). As Mupf already said, it’s a good idea to join #clonken or #openclonk on and ask people there if someone wants to play. If you have no IRC Client available, you can also join from the network game list (click on chat) or simply use the web-based chat from (

This isn't buzzfeed, so no need for clickbait.

> seems offensive to veterans? sorry, just being honest here.

I don't think this is considered "offensive" or "heretical" nowadays. After all, OpenClonk lets you zoom in and out to your heart's content.

So, welcome back, I guess, and have fun playing!

There are zoom limits dictated by scripture. But we could adjust those by decree if there is consensus that clonk is not big enough.