Clonk Planet ALL Original Soundtracks

Hello, I think I had to upload these on YouTube because I couldn’t find them so… Enjoy! all 17 Original Soundtracks!

The whole playlist:


Regular (11):
Theme Song/Frontend -
Cheer Up -
Go on Living -
Long Ago -
Party Pop -
Rocking-Horse -
Saddy Song -
Sloping Off -
Summer Walk -
Tropic Fever -
Pizza Strings (Frontend Old) -

Knights Pack (2):
Medieval Waltz -
Morning Dawn -

Hazard Pack (4):
On a Razor-Blade -
Origin of Silence -
Quick Charge -
Reflective Motion -

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Original topic:

Yay, cool :cool:

Hm, to be complete… there was one more Track in Clonk Endeavor, that got removed again in Clonk Rage. What was its name again?

Wasn't that cheer up?

In Endeavour there is 1 NEW track. It's called 'Knightly Wonders', it's  in Fantasy- and Knights -pack.
I will upload it soon! :wink:
And Cheer Up can be also found on Endeavour

Edited topic, added Endeavour OST Knightly Wonders

Hm, that's not the one I meant. (WHAT? They removed Knightly Wonders in Clonk Rage?)

I'm actually quite puzzled why it got removed again. Someone remembers right?

Not sure what exactly happened, but I remember it being used in the credits screen. It probably is still there, but who has the menu music enabled anyways :wink:

Not sure why it isn't available as in-game music (or is it?).

Thank you for sharing this. I'd like to see even more, e.g. the Western pack soundtrack. Any chance you can upload that as well?

Now, I'll throw two points into the discussion:
1) What about potential copyright issues? I'd really hate it if the OST were removed.
2) I recommend not to beg for likes, comments, subscriptions, and so on. Especially not in upper case, bold, and even twice in a post. People like/subscribe if they actually like what you do, or they comment if they have something to say, not because they are told to do so. I'd even go as far as to say that begging may have the opposite effect.

Im very sad that the videos are not available anymore =(!

Sry for that late response, but I think you meant "No Grief". Just for completing the list above. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing all of these Clonk soundtracks