Clonk Mars

First results - thanks to Nachtfalter, Luchs, and Kanibal:

I like dat.

Oh my!

Looking spectacular!

Mega gut!

The well known solar panel is the first object to get a construction animation, as all buildings had in the predecessor


Nothing to show off in a screenshot - but the good news is: Power system with power lines works, and the solar panels adjust their production and rotation to the time of the day.

How did you end up implementing the power system? Like OC or like old ClonkMars or something else entirely?

It's a mix between OC and something on. The basic logic is that it is state based, as in OC. Then, it tries to meet demand and switches producers off if they are not needed. Producers keep supplying, if they are already on and if there are capacitors that they can charge.
power is distributed equally among capacitors, so that preferably they can meet a high demand for a short time.

Finally, the logic that determines the network that the structure belongs to can be exchanged easily. I did the OC logic first, now I replaced it, so that all objects connected to each other by power lines form a network.