Clonk Extreme

Can some one tell me why did the red wolf stoped the project. I was waiting for it since I was born. It could be the best game in the world. They could give some think so the players can continue their job. I know the project is stoped from a long time.

The main reason is, that matthes got a job at another company besides RedWolfDesign and no longer has the time to work on Clonk Extreme and the other teammembers simply don't have the experience with the 3d-engine used by Clonk Extreme, the Torque Game Engine.
I guess you can understand that matthes isn't very keen on releasing a project that cost a few thousand bucks "for free" into the wild. You should consider it as an act of hope that there might still be a future for Clonk Extreme.

thanks. clonks page hes chenged maybe they will continue the project.

Does anybody exactly know the reason for the new design? :smiley:

Probably wanted to give it an appropriate gravestone?

Probably for archiving. The style seems so familiar though, I’ve been thinking all day where I’ve seen that before. Maybe the original GWE site, or many years back, or my mind is simply playing tricks on me.

Edit: Finally looked it up, haha!

A centered layout with an image at the top is not exactly the most uncommon website layout :slight_smile:

It has become really uncommon though to be honest. Nowadays nearly every site is a full-width responsive experience (cough).

Responsive sites are only interesting when you're actually expecting mobile users. And even then, it's not too important for sites which offer no interaction.

I think the current consensus is that you should expect mobile users on nearly every site - we're already at mobile devices accounting for around 20% of the global internet traffic, and the trend is definitely going upwards. I'm not saying requires a responsive page (since it's a legacy page anyway), I just meant that the design seems pretty unusual after not seeing a lot like it for quite a few years (and I was interested if it was maybe recycled 1:1 from GWE, since that would have been quite ironic :tongue:).

BTW I'd be interested in the mobile page view stats for Clonkspot. Could you tell me what the rough percentage is?

Here's the graph for June. We're nowhere near 20%, obviously.

You might have the wrong sample audience :slight_smile:
Here's the graph from my worldcup simulator with over 80k unique visitors.
blue: desktop, green: mobile, orange: tablet

This isn't the exact reason. We probably had more or less the same experience with the engine (Torque) than matthes did. It is more of a legal issue. All right to Clonk belong to RedWolf Design as did the engine licenses, the models and the work. When matthes decided to freeze the work, there was no legal base for us to go on with it.

The reason for CX not being finished is correct. The reason for CX not being released 'as is' is that it suffers from very tedious handling flaws which require a lot of work to iron out. Also, the gaming content is limited to 3 well made scenario that will very soon become boring. As we found out, torque isn't that open for player made extension than is the Clonk engine. You would need to closely work together with the engine to make new stuff (or put a lot of work into modifying the engine to made this happen). So player made extensions would simply not be made.
Releasing this game with some very annoying bugs and small content would have had damaged the name of Clonk. That would have been a shame after that much work and cost.

Can someone tell me the name of the music used in the "cs rising hd" trailer?

I believe the CX music was made specially for the game and is unreleased.

I'm pretty sure matthes just bought a commercial music pack for CX.

The credits say the music is by Dynamedion GbR, the track is named “Never Stop To Run”. Although I don’t believe that’s helpful at all.

no it isnt. the trailer music of cx hoppers and skyhigh can be found in the OST of "Darkstar One"

where did you find this credits? :shocked:

edit: i cant find this track… thats very bad

I was part of the dev team and kept the files. :wink:

> edit: i cant find this track… thats very bad

The project is very old. Maybe you can write Dynamedion and ask if they still have / sell this?