Clonk Editor: Can't Edit Clonks <c4i>

Hi, i'm a clonk player and lately i've been trying to have some fun with the clonk editor (the one that you get when you download clonk rage from the original website) and I noticed that i can't edit my clonks in order to power them up for example give them more energy, more push power or faster digging because when I click the clonk i want to edit there are options available such as <New, Deactivate, Rename, Delete> and the last one <Properties> is unavailable for me, is there a possible way to fix it? :cry:

The option Properties is only for scenarios. You have to change the Clonks with the ObjectInfo.txt file. To get to ObjectInfo.txt file just expand the clonk.c4i. Now you can change the Clonkstats in the Editor.

Oh yea i forgot it works that way, thank you very much for helping  :grin: