Anti wallhack for metal magic weapons needed

Hello forum, are anybody knows any anti wallhacks for metal magic long ranged weapons(musket, assasin crossbow, knights bow) and classic CR long ranged weapons(cannon, crossbow)?. Or anybody can make one, if nobody made it allready?

P.S: i searched on but not found anything

i see where this is coming from. and no i do not know any such things.

but consider this: its a feature, not a bug. ask the devs (or any true veteran for that matter). there is even a video about it.

btw: do never try the Solidmask visualizer in a network game, ever (as it would cause extremely heavy lag).

I already started a Anti-Wallhack-Rule for even more packs, not only for Western but also for other packs but never finished it (because of Engine-Bugs: If there’s no “RequireDef” in the #appendto-object so there will be some errors, if there’s “RequireDef” but not that object then annother object won’t be loaded => Error too). It works for: Katapult, Cannon, Crossbow (vehicle) and bow. I should also add a exception for the M&M castle roof. Maybe just add some holes in the solid mask?

By the way, if you want to: I’ve also a rule to deactivate Material-, T-Flint- and Air-Jumps and a rule to deactivate Matspam (only 1 throw every 20 Frames so enemy has time to jump away).

A Feature is just a never fixed bug.

Maybe this picture could help you?

I dont think thats a feature because logic, maybe devs made a feature from bug because was lazy to fix it

Do you know any other anti wallhacks at least for classic objects? Are Western anti wallhack works also with Catapult, Cannon, Crossbow (vehicle) and bow? or you mean your Anti-Wallhack-Rule for now can do that?

I don't know any other anti-wallhacks but I know that there's no Wallhack in Eke and CMC.
The Western-Anti-Wallhack works only for Western-objects and Catapult, Cannon and Crossbow.
I have a anti-Wallhack which works also for bow and I could upgrade it for even more objects.

Are your global anti wallhack rule is public? if yes can you tell me that it finished after finishing it?