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LegacyClonk [340] is here! (Community Update For Clonk Rage)

LC (short for LegacyClonk) is a fan project based on Clonk Rage.
LegacyClonk continues to receive updates and ensures compatibility with existing Clonk Rage content.

The goal is to fix as many bugs and inelegances as possible and to add nice-to-have features while not to impact the gameplay we’re all used to.
Ideas and features can be proposed here.


In order to install LegacyClonk, the original Clonk Rage or an older version of LegacyClonk must be installed already.
The update changes most of its files, which leads to the original Clonk.exe not longer being functional after the update. Those wanting to keep both versions should install Clonk Rage a second time.

You can update to the newest LC version from every LC version as well as from Clonk Rage itself. Automatic updates using the built-in update feature only works with LC [337] or newer though.

If you update from Clonk Rage, you’ll either have to set all settings again or copy them manually.

The preferred method of installation is the integrated update method. For that, activate automatic updates in Options under Network, or select Network game in the menu and click on the update button to the right of the network list.

Should you encounter problems or use older version, you need to perform a manual update.

Manual installation


Operating System Requirements:

Warning: Some anti virus programs might report a false positive concerning Clonk.exe or warn due to it being unknown. The source code is available here.

Video guide

Unpack the downloaded ZIP file into the already existing Clonk directory and let exsting files be overwritten. Make sure that the files aren’t contained in a subdirectory with the same name as the ZIP file. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Clonk Rage\lc_full_339_win32<file> would be wrong). Proceed to start Clonk as usual.

The standard installation path is C:\Program Files\Clonk Rage (32 bit OS) or C:\Program Files (x86)\Clonk Rage. The simplest way to get there is to right click on the Clonk Rage link and select „Open file path“.

In order to apply Clonk Rage’s configuration to LegacyClonk, the registry path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RedWolf Design\Clonk Rage shall be copied to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LegacyClonk Team\LegacyClonk.


Operating System Requirements:
The prebuilt engine gets compiled on Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic). The following packages (or similar ones on other distributions):
zlib1g libgl1-mesa libjpeg libpng16-16 libssl libglu1-mesa libglew libsdl1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libfreetype6 freeglut3 libxpm

In order to install the downloaded update, open a terminal and switch to Clonk’s directory:
$ cd clonk-directory
Then you have to install the update with Clonk:
$ ./clonk update-file.c4u

If a 64bit installation is present, be aware of the differences listed below. Following update from LC to a newer version can be installed without paying attention to those.

  • In order to install the update, you have to use ./clonk64 instead of ./clonk.
  • In LC, the update for 32 and 64bit are separated. Therefore, there’s no more differentiation between clonk and clonk64 as well as c4group and c4group64. For that reason, existing links and similar stuff has to be updates in oder to point to clonk / c4group.

In order to apply Clonk Rage’s configuration to LegacyClonk, you have to copy ~/.clonk/rage/config to ~/.legacyclonk/config.


Due to missing expertise, there’s no working update package for Mac, although compiling Clonk for Mac per se is functioning.
If you’re interested in one, please contact DerTod in the IRC or post a corresponding reply here.


Developer Documentation

The developer documentation can be found here on Clonkspot, as usual. It gets updated with LC’s changes.

Most important changes

A complete list of all changes can be found in the git-log.


This is also mainly a bugfix update, fixing e.g. these bugs:

  • sound problems when using SetViewCursor (noticed in Tower of Despair)
  • missing sounds in some cases (noticed by @Bratkartoffl in CMC - Skyscrapers)
  • ready button shortcut moved to Alt+E (Alt+R was already used)
  • invisible bubbles with active scaling (noticed by @Wipfhunter)
  • script errors caused by global->

Additionally, there are some new features.

Removal of the IRC channel limitation

The builtin IRC client can now join all channels, not only those starting with #clonk, and has #clonken and #legacyclonk set as default.

C4Script: #appendto C4ID nowarn

This appendix at #appendto can be used to suppress warnings if the specified definition can’t be loaded, e.g. because the scenario doesn’t use a specific object pack.

C4Script: CustomMessage alignment

CustomMessage can now set the text to be display left-justified, right-justified or centered regardless of a specified object or portrait setting by using the new flags MSG_ALeft, MSG_ACenter and MSG_ARight.

[339 -]

This update fixes some errors which appeared due to ChangeDef changes in [338].

On the one hand, he engine is now a bit more liberal and would only generate an error due to invalid local access if the script was #strict 3 or if it crashed otherwise. Under some circumstances, it generates a warning in order to report potentially unforseen consequences.

On the other hand, all usages if ChangeDef have been checked in the entire original game content and, if necessary, fixed; the problem with the sorcerer clonk happening in conjunction with the Morphing / Revaluation spell.


This is another bugfix release.

Changed volume calculation for positioned sounds

The volume of sounds now depends on its distance to the currently selected clonk. Thus, sounds can be heard normally even if you’re close to the landscape border on higher resolutions.
The change might need time to get used to at first, but I (@Der_Tod) don’t want to miss it again.

Music started by script cannot be louder than the configured music volume anymore

The music volume set by script will now be scaled to the one selected in the options menu -a selected volume of 30% and a scripted volume of 50% results in 15% volume. The source code has shown that this behaviour was already intended, however, the scaled value got overriden by the unscaled one.

Arrow and name are visible again upon crew switching

With active scaling, under some circumstances, the selection rectangle, the arrow above the clonk and its name were invisible after switching to another Clonk. This is now fixed.

Clonk names are again loaded from the player file

In certain circumstances, some clonks got one of the default clonk names instead of the one saved in the player file. This is now fixed.

Energy (and breath) value overflow fixed

Sometimes, a clonk doesn’t die of very high damage due to an overflow, resulting in, for example, the explosion of a Mark-X in Zar mode not killing Clonks despite them being inside the explosion radius.

In case of an overflow, the highest or lowest possible value is chosen depending on the overflow.

Linux fixes

With active input methods, Clonk received input twice in some cases. As a workaround, LC itself now unsets the XMODIFIERS enviroment variable for itself, replacing the same manual workaround.

Crashes which happened in certain circumstandes during savegame creation are now fixed. This concerns mostly Wayland users.


See old post

Have fun playing!

Concerning problems, uncertainities or questions, contact me (DerTod) or Fulgen in the IRC in #legacyclonk or here in this forum (an answer might take longer though).
Please note that we might not have time or be offline in the IRC (in the latter case we are set to away), we usally answer in the later afternoon or later. In any case, wait longer than just a few minutes.
Please report bugs in the bugtracker and other things in the forum (you may notify us in the IRC so that we can notice it faster), so that bug information and other things are visible for all parties.

Now, I’d like to thank @AniProGuy, @Alx and @Peder, who were a great help for testing the Windows version and found some bugs.
I also want to thank @Luchs , who supports us with Clonkspot.

Naturally, I also want to thank matthes and the former developer team for the creation of Clonk and additionally matthes for making the entire code open source.

At the end, I want to thank the OpenClonk team, as they did a lot of work which help us at cleaning up code and also created some features / commits which we backported.

This update is made available to you by the LegacyClonk team, consisting of @Jan, @Fulgen, @Kanibal and @Der_Tod at the moment.


It lags a bit constantly with 30 FPS on average

This seems to appear with some GPU drivers if VSync is activated in their settings. The solution is to deactivate VSync either globally or only for Clonk. We think it synchronizes twice with activated VSync, as Clonk does this separately, causing 30 FPS at a 60 Hz monitor.